The Pacifica Apartments

  • american-design-inc-pacifica-apartments-kitchen-dining-room
  • american-design-inc-pacifica-apartments-master-bedroom
  • american-design-inc-pacifica-apartments-master-bathroom
  • american-design-inc-pacifica-apartments-guest-room
  • american-design-inc-pacifica-apartments-work-desk
  • american-design-inc-pacifica-apartments-accessories-1
  • american-design-inc-pacifica-apartments-accessories-2
  • american-design-inc-pacifica-apartments-accessories-3

Our client called us in to update their model unit at a luxury apartment complex in Tacoma, WA. The goal was to create high impact with a small budget. We accomplished this by incorporating some of their existing pieces that had clean lines and a neutral palate. We brought in a few new furnishings & accessories to create a cohesive look and style. We also showcased pops of color in paint and accessories to help keep the budget down yet create interest.

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