Tacoma Narrows View Property

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After meeting with our clients we learned that they had recently moved to Tacoma from the East Coast and wanted to update their look and furniture to fit the scale of their new home. One of their wishes was to bring in a Northwest flair that would blend in with the rest of their existing pieces. Our clients wanted a space to entertain but also be very comfortable when it’s just the two of them. The wife enjoys neutrals, while the husband enjoys color. So we kept a neutral palate and added a sophisticated pop of color in the ottomans, accessories and artwork. On the bookcases we used some of the client’s existing items from their travels and mixed in a few new contemporary accessories. We also updated the lighting in the room to reflect a larger scale and more contemporary style. Originally there were two sconces and we updated with new fixtures and added a third in the center to create a backdrop to house a very large scale mirror above each of the chests. In the end a very beautiful, inviting & sophisticated room was created that our clients and their guests will enjoy!

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